Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving past.. holidays approaching..

I wanted to start off by saying... "Happy Thanksgiving" to friends and family..
The past few weeks have been quiet for me and I have seen a few things at the beach.. one being a triangle ship that I was not sure of what it was..

Talk soon...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Red Orbs- White Orbs - Military jets OH MY!

So this week has been really eventful with UFOlogy!

On Monday I was outside sitting on my front porch and noticed a red/orange orb flying in a figure eight formation. I was so excited to see this as I have never seen a red one before. It was almost showing off per say... anyhow, like 2 minutes later I hear this loud roar... and it was a military jet flying right at it.. it took off and vanished ...

Also the past week I was walking on my treadmill and felt this burning sensation on my hip.. I didn't think anything of it as I have been working out and doing crunches to loose some weight lately.. that day when I was going to take a shower, I looked down and there was a mark.. it pretty much scared me..
I have no idea where it came from....and again.. this is on my hip/waist..What could this be from? Did anyone else have one of these similar?

Then on Tuesday morning around 5:15 am EST, I was drawn to the window and saw one white orb flying by.. I called my partner over and he also noticed it.. I ran outside on the back porch and saw a second one and it was moving quietly and then vanished, just like the first one..two sightings in one week..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Man... The Myth.. Philip Schneider 1/16/1996

Today I am writing about a legend and someone that was killed unexpectedly by someone or something... you be the judge!

The death of Philip Schneider on January 16, 1996 was mysterious. His death happened after doing many controversial lectures all over the U.S., such as Denver where he with dealt topics like black helicopters, Space-Defense, railroad cars developed with shackles, extraterrestrials, UFOs and the top secret black budget.

Philip Schneider claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who assisted construct deep underground military bases (DUMB) all over the U.S. He as well claimed to be 1 of only 3 people to survive the 1979 event between the U.S.military and alien Grays at the underground base in Dulce, NM.

After he could not agree with their expenditures, secrecy and unconstitutional activities, Schneider retired voluntarily from military service. His ex-wife, Cynthia Drayer is convinced that Philip Schneider was killed mainly because he openly exposed the reality regarding the U.S. government’s participation with UFOs.

Schneider indicated in one of his lectures that the Black Budget is a secretive spending budget that collects 25% of the gross national product of the U.S. The Black Budget allegedly utilizes $1.25 trillion each year. The said amount is utilized in black programs including those engaged with 129 deep underground military bases in the country and UFO.

Philip Schneider recounted that was taking part in creating an add-on to DUMB at Dulce, which is most likely the deepest base. His task was to go down the holes and take a look at the rock samples and suggest the explosive to handle with the certain rock. As he was going down there, he found himself, together with his companion, around a big cavern that was full of extraterrestrials, otherwise regarded as large Greys. He shot 2 of them. During that moment, there were thirty individuals down there. Around forty more arrived after this began, and all of the aliens got slain. They had surprised an entire underground base of active aliens. Later on, they discovered that the aliens had been residing on Earth for a long time, possibly a million years. Schneider pointed out that this could demonstrate a lot of what is in back of the hypothesis of ancient astronauts and UFOs.

Schneider got shot in the chest with one of the aliens' weapons, which was a box on their body that fires a nasty amount of cobalt radiation. He has had cancer because of that.
Schneider said that he did not actually get serious in UFO technology until he began work at Area 51, north of Las Vegas. After around 2 years recuperating following the 1979 incident, he went again to work for EG&G, Morrison and Knudson and other firms.

Philip Schneider also unveiled a lot of information related to the believed deep underground base under International Airport of Denver. He claimed these underground bases were all over the U.S. and they all were linked by a super highway.
Oscar Schneider, Philip's father, was also claimed to have worked on top secret government undertakings such as the Philadelphia Experiment, which is the debatedreport of the U.S. Navy who allegedly made their huge ship unseen for a short period of time. Philip and his family were reported to have been experienced harassment from government agents including his daughter who tells she was being observed and watched at school. Philip’s ex-wife Cynthia Drayer does not think that he was committing suicide.

Schneider’s death continues to be a mystery; there are stories that he committed suicide and information that he was being tortured using piano wire around his neck. There are some other reports indicating that he had a heart stroke.

No one may ever find out the reality of Schneider’s statements but there is no question that he was an informative person and that he had a few very disturbing and questionable details to claim.

If you like to see his videos, you can start here:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23rd~ My birthday...

Shake Here, Shake there..

Today started off pretty good. I woke up with my friend telling me that hurricane Irene is still on her way to hit North Carolina and all this has kept us restless during the night. Then, around 1:51 pm EST we had a earthquake that measured 5.9

What else is going to happen on my birthday week.. strangely enough I had a dream this weekend with red skies and destruction and I saw holes and rips in the roads.. Could this be the earthquake? or more to come.. I hope not.

Also, this month has been interesting as I saw a sighting very early in the morning of August 10th around 5:15 am est.. For some reason this morning I was compelled to wake up and look outside, I don't know why? So I looked up and saw a satellite (probably the ISS) and then I went inside and armed myself with my video camera and this second object came up from the woods behind my development and there is no airport there, nor a landing pad for anything. As this rose up, I tried to get my video camera focused on it, but I was unsuccessful until I went outside and set up the tri-pod. Not sure what it was, I thought it was a helicopter.. but as it accelerated so fast, it couldn't have been a helicopter.

I submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) about this and they are currently investigating this object.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st, 2011

Hi All,
Hope that you are having a wonderful summer and trying to stay cool. Here in North Carolina it has been an incredible hot summer with temperatures ranging from 99-106 this year. So with all this heat it has not been an easy task to sit outside and video.

This month also is my birthday month and I hope to celebrate
with good food, friends and some good wine.

I also have a Facebook page that you can follow:

Also to mention that disclosure is coming very soon from what I read and see. I can't imagine this new life for all of us. I believe in a lot of things and especially three dimensional beings and also other beings from other planets. The dreams that I have are always involve insectoids creatures..

Brian Flickinger, a friend of mine recently discovered a ton of buildings on the moon and he has tried to express this information with the news media and it seems that they just want to bury their heads in the sand also. Please like and follow his page:

Have a great day/week!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Orbs here, orbs there...

If you have followed my blog posts, you will know that I have been seeing orbs for quite sometime now. This particular video is from the winter and I was sitting outside on my porch when this object came into my view.. pulsating .... from white/blue. You take a look and check it out..

More videos to come...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy Noises in the night

Hi Everyone, I hope that you are all enjoying your summer so far.. I have been reluctant to post this on my blog due to how crazy it sounds... but then again.. someone else might be experiencing this as well.. So here goes!

It started last week sometime where I was watching TV and it was around 10:30 ish EST and decided I was getting sleepy. I don't know if you knew this about me or not, but I sleep with a box fan on at night from winter to summer. (I grew up with idea from my parents and love to hear the sound of the fan) anyhow... I turned off the TV and started falling asleep.. then I hear this movement of our blinds in the closet. So at first, I thought nothing of it and it was just something outside.. went back to closing my eyes... and then I hear which appeared to be a shaking of something. At this time, I looked at the clock and it was part 12 pm est.... so I figured.. okay I was dreaming and I imagined me hearing these noises... So... I went back to sleep and heard it again. Finally, I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom, than the closet and turned on the light... nothing there...

Could all this be craziness in my mind?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grey's in my dream

So the night before, I had this crazy dream that I was living in an apartment somewhere and someone broke in to the apartment when I was sleeping. I woke up, chased them out and slammed the door... I heard something behind me and thought it was more robbers, I turned and reached for them and it was a grey.. a small grey.. and another one was behind him.. I apologized to him for grabbing his neck and he must have read my mind knowing what happened... they stayed there and we went and looked for them to scare em'.. it turned out they were super cool and friendly... I woke up right after...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Orbs All Around!


I have witnessed many orbs in the last few years and many times I have not had some real good footage to share with anyone. There are times where I see them, and they disappear very quickly. This video is around 5 minutes of me catching a orb that was moving away from me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Encounters or Not

After a wonderful nights sleep today (thanks to Ambien!) I was able to collect my thoughts of the past nights encounters. I guess it all started last week when I got home from New Jersey after the funeral of my father. It was Sunday night and I was having problems sleeping, but finally sleep took over and won that battle and I went to sleep around 10:13 pm. One thing that you should know about me is that I constantly look at the clock to determine time frames. My partner was really restless and I looked at the clock and it was 12:39am and to the left of our TV was a large/tall figure. It was around 7ft tall and just standing there over my partner's side of the bed. I could not see any face, mouth or anything, it was just dark. My thoughts were that it was watching us.. I don't know why? I turned back to the clock and 5 minutes past, and the entity was gone.

Since all this happened, we decided to head to our beach house in Atlantic Beach, NC and we brought two of our friends. That night after dinner I decided to sit outside and look at the stars and noticed a UFO, so I called Francesca out there and she was amazed that I saw this. It totally freaked her out as this was her first UFO... Could this all be Deja vu??

Next encounter was this Monday night, as I was tossing and turning and it was around 2:39am I couldn't sleep and it sounded like something was walking around our bedroom. The walking around frightened me a bit and I just dismissed it as it could be just sounds from our box fan (I sleep with a fan on) and then all of sudden ....I hear this weird clicking noise. It was twice that I heard this sound... the only sound that I can relate to what I heard was (Watching Charmed and hearing Leo speaking with the Elders in a clicking noise)

Why is all this happening....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lost of a family member

Today marks a sad day in my life. My father, friend, and great overall person passed this morning. My dad was born on May 4th, 1933 and passed today April 19, 2011. His days were numbered when I last saw him over this past weekend and now that he is not suffering anymore.. I'm happy that you are with mom.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dreams and "The Praymantis"

So about two weeks ago I was going to the grocery store and noticed this circle in the sky, so I took a picture of it with my iPhone and didn't notice the black thing that made it was still there. I boxed it off so that you can see it better.


Now to move on with some more dreams that I have been having since my return back from my cruise to the caribbean. The first one started with a bunch of bad events within my dream. Hurricanes, earthquake and many natural disaster. I also saw a huge wave coming across an island or land, then all of a sudden a tall pray-mantis with glowing yellow-orange eyes appeared at my bedside. At first I was scared and asked it to go away... then the next time I had a few more bad dreams and "he" and a friend appeared this time. I listened this time and they said that more destruction was coming and they placed these thoughts in my mind to prove that they exist and they are here watching as mankind does this. Then I woke up.. Man! I was drenched with sweat...

Then again I saw them one more time and it was not here at the house, like in other dreams that I had. I was back at my old parents home in New Jersey and I was younger and I was playing with a friend of mine. (Keep in mind that me as an adult was watching me as a kid playing) and I was with the mantis and they were watching me. Almost like guarding angel kind of thing... seems like this dream lasted 5 hours... then I woke up and it was 3:47am est...

Last night 3-27-11 was a little different and I was shown different caves. I couldn't explain this one really. I would go into one cave and it was for everyone that survived. I saw where everywhere was surrounded by water and we were somewhere in some caves. There was a name that they were called and I cannot think of it as of now.. Now I wish that I wrote it down so that I could speak of it here..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dreams ..

So last night I had the strangest two dreams. The first dream was about me riding a bike down a street and I looked up and saw animals (they appeared to be dogs) that were running along a glowing track above the tree lines. The lines were leading up high in the sky. I continued to look and follow this track backwards and found another track that led from a tree down to the ground. A strange gorilla figure came down and started chasing after me. It was huge around 7 feet tall. Then I woke up.

I wish that I was an artist to draw this. It was quite fascinating. Was this an image of the future and another race taking our animals off the planet?

Second dream was very quick, I was somewhere in a vessel or something and was looking at a control board, the letters, symbols were all in red on the screen. I tried to remember what they were, but flashed before me so quickly that I could not remember what they were. Then I woke up.

Are these visions of something? or is someone else placing these dreams in my mind?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Helicopters and Military Aircraft.. Move over Valentines Day..

My day started wonderful, but noticed a few helicopters (not marked) flying around the house and the neighborhood.... then that night we had a multiple military alignment of aircraft that flew over our house and headed East. Your probably thinking.. What is the big deal about this?

We'll in the eight years that I lived here in Garner, NC we never had a military convey go over my home. They came in sessions, like 15 minutes apart and 4-5 planes or whatever at a time..and the really cool thing was that near the end.. there were 3 planes (they looked like b2 bombers) were following a single red light. I could not see the outline of the red object, nor could I really see it. As soon as it passed my screened-in-porch, it was gone, disappeared! the other three planes or objects sped up and traveled faster in the same direction. The next morning I was working in my office and heard about 6-8 helicopters within a 5 hour period, constantly flying over the house, circling, almost looking for something... humm..

Today is now Thursday, February 17, 2011 and even now those same helicopters are still flying around..... I really don't know what to make of it..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alien Bases in the water?

I have often wondered about Atlantis
and other places that were in the oceans
of the world..

I mean if you think about it, 71% of
the world is covered with water. So why not?

Recently, there was some mention to this in another forum that I visit lately and wanted to share this page with my friends: http://www.etfriends.com/Underwater.html

If you are like me, who like Sci-fi shows. I was a big fan of Stargate and Stargate Atlantis and even though this was made up, it makes you wonder if it was really out there....

UPDATE: This is a really good video that I just discovered about USS...


Friday, February 4, 2011

Rain and just cold

Well, the last few days it's been chilly, rainy and just plain ole cold! It was such a tease this week when mother nature gave us a warm day of 69 degrees. It's Friday and I am ready forward to the weekend and looking to have a good clear sky night instead of these clouds and looking for nice weather.

Wish I could be on the boat like these folks in Atlantic Beach, NC.

Just found this new blog. Pretty interesting also.

Hopefully, this weekend I will have some good video of something new and exciting.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crazy about UFO's

This subject has tempted me to blog about this for sometime now. I am currently reading a few books on the subject, one book called "Ultraterrestrial Contact" by Philip J. Imbrogno.

I have managed to take a few video's of some strange things within the last months or so. In the video's below, you will notice one video called "blueish orb" and that was taken outside my home. It appeared a few nights ... you can view it by simply clicking on the videos below this page.

With the addition of this video, I have many more below on the bottom of this page. If you feel that you don't believe in the subject, that's fine. Move on to bigger and better things.

However, with some of the video that I have captured around my house. I cannot explain it. I mean, we all know what a helicopter and a plane sounds like.. and this is not it.

Have a great day.

New Year 2011, New Adventure

Well, this year started off crazy with all this cold weather we had in North Carolina and also the cold weather my friends had up north. With global warming, this planet needs all the help that we can provide. Reading through a bunch of blogs here and there, it is noticeable that I am not the only one that feels that we are destroying the planet.

Let's work together and help our planet.. "We only have one"

"The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers." -Thich Nhat Hanh