Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Childhood Dreams again

SO a few nights ago I dreamt about walking down South Harrison Ave and going to a girl-friends house who's name I am not going to divulge.  Anyhow, I must have been around 10-13 yrs old and I remember it was getting dark and I remember leaving the house and looking up and seeing a ship that looked more like a flat surface and a dome over it...  I start to panic and knock back on her door..  then I hear walking and it's little men in white suits and they are trying to grab me..  I start picking them up and throwing them..  then all of a sudden they grab me and I am floating..  I then wake up...

You know, I try to think of what I was watching before I go to sleep to cause these dreams and I was watching Food Network, Diners... Dives and Drive-In's with Guy Fieri...  So don't know why they are replaying back in my head when I was really peaceful before I went to sleep.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pain in the back of my head and mark..

So last week on Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 I started having a pain in the back right side of my head.  I couldn't imagine what this was....  so I thought that it could be stress or sinus so I didn't think much of it and plus, I was having our LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society)dinner party with some friends and a wonderful chef on Friday.  So as the next few days past, the pain left me.. But to make sure.. I did schedule an appointment with my doctor so that he could also investigate it.  So Monday comes by and no pain or anything. Yesterday, 2/12/13 I now have 2 other places on the back of my head that is sore.  These are in a different area, towards the bottom of my hair line..  Not sure what to make of this...also woke up this morning with a new mark on my right hand and my fingertips are very sensitive for some reason, meaning that touching certain things actually is painful.....

Picture of small new puncture taken this morning 1/13/13 7:21 am EST.