Tuesday, March 7, 2017


After reading about a bunch of posts from fellow friends on a few UFO sites, I have decided to go ahead and post my pictures for everyone to view.   
Most of these are from the past and some are new within the last 2/3 months.


Puncture and Some circle thing within a circle, I woke up with this.

Another puncture in my hand and the right mark on my hip.  The hip mark was a while back and it was during the day and I was walking on the treadmill and I remember  watching TV and I lost time and this appeared.  I was watching a show that starts at 10am EST and I was still there at 12pm EST.  

The 4 marks on the right just happened this weekend, in which they are healing and going away.  The bruise on my arm on the right picture is still present and extremely painful.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Alarm sensors

This is an article well overdue,  I forgot to write this information in here as my memory is not the best.  So as I lay in bed, I can look into a picture and see a reflection of my living room and noticed that the sensor was blinking.  This sensor tracks movement in the house (it's part of our alarm system) at first I thought that it might need a battery- but close inspection the next morning- it's wired through the house to electricity.  So now, I am a tad worried....  What could have done this?  I didn't see anything?  I did hear some noises.. (Including last night I heard about 2-3 things that I couldn't explain)  

Anyway... just making sure that this is here.