Friday, October 28, 2011

Red Orbs- White Orbs - Military jets OH MY!

So this week has been really eventful with UFOlogy!

On Monday I was outside sitting on my front porch and noticed a red/orange orb flying in a figure eight formation. I was so excited to see this as I have never seen a red one before. It was almost showing off per say... anyhow, like 2 minutes later I hear this loud roar... and it was a military jet flying right at it.. it took off and vanished ...

Also the past week I was walking on my treadmill and felt this burning sensation on my hip.. I didn't think anything of it as I have been working out and doing crunches to loose some weight lately.. that day when I was going to take a shower, I looked down and there was a mark.. it pretty much scared me..
I have no idea where it came from....and again.. this is on my hip/waist..What could this be from? Did anyone else have one of these similar?

Then on Tuesday morning around 5:15 am EST, I was drawn to the window and saw one white orb flying by.. I called my partner over and he also noticed it.. I ran outside on the back porch and saw a second one and it was moving quietly and then vanished, just like the first one..two sightings in one week..