Friday, November 22, 2013

Taking a break

With Thanksgiving approaching... I wanted to take a minute and be thankful to my friends and followers and of course my partner's parents...

I will be at the beach for this holiday and cooking Thanksgiving dinner for all of us. 

For me, this has been a quiet month...  not too much activity accept for this morning.  I was sleeping and it was around 5:30 am EST and I was having a dream and it was interrupted with a thought to go outside and look up... at 5:45 am I dragged myself outside and looked up and saw the moon as it was full.. as I waited for a second, there it was.. a bright white orb flying over the house and pretty high up (I'm guessing 100k ft or even 150k) but as it passed over it suddenly disappeared and I thought to myself.  Couldn't you have waited until at least 7 am to show me yourself?  lol  I guess not.  Just to make sure there was any doubts in my mind, I got on the computer and went to to search to see if any satellites were around and there were not.   

Maybe things will change..  but for now I am no longer afraid.  On a side note, a week back I had another dream that they wanted to take a sample from me and I agreed..  but the strange thing was that it was coming from Todd in my dream..  

Happy Thanksgiving!