Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Helicopters and UFO's

SO it continues that I see more things!

So this past evening, September 24th was an interesting night.....   First started off with helicopters going over the house and heading to McGee's crossroads.

After about 10 minutes, I went outside to the back porch and noticed another copter flying really close to the house and heard a second one also.  At this point, I went to the front of the house and saw one of the helicopters flying to the West ... and the second one was over my neighbors house just sitting there.. As I looked closer, I noticed a red/blue/white orb blinking and then I saw a second..  the copters were watching it and hovering around them...  this went on for about 10-15 minutes and at this point, two neighbors were walking down the hill of where my house sits and noticed the blinky lights also and the copters following them.

Then, with the moon so bright, I noticed a larger object coming close to my house.  The only reason why I noticed it was because the reflection of the moon, reflected off of this object.  The object was shaped like a leaf.. I could not determine the size of it.  But it was big and quiet.  It stopped moving and it was positioned over my house and I saw one red light blink once.  I got a unnerving feeling, went into the house and locked the door.

And today, the copters have been flying all around my house today.. I guess looking for something.. I reported it to MUFON, report link below:


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ships and orbs around and about..

This was on a cruise ship and this was sunrise

Last weekend, June 8th and we had friends that were visiting from out of town from the Washington DC area.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner with a few bottles of Chardonnay at dinner.  After we went home, my renter of our bottom level of the beach house was outside with me and I asked her to help me and use our energies to call some UFO's and see if they showed themselves.  

As we started around 9:30 pm EST.  We have seen 4 white orb flying by the skies of Atlantic Beach, NC.  One particular one kept coming back and forth and fazing in and out.  In my opinion, it believe it would leave the dimension and come back at will.  Where was my camera when I needed it..?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 2012

Welcome April showers ... and bad weather...

Well, glad that spring is here cause all my bulbs have bloomed out quickly due to the crazy weather we have had here in NC. Lately, I have not been outside looking at the skies as much as I used to. I have been focusing on other things, loosing weight for one. When I started working out at the gym (YMCA) I was at 310 lbs and now, I am at 261 and I am pretty happy with myself and still have another 50 lbs to go....

All through Facebook and some other forums I have noticed an abundance of videos about UFO's lately or in the last few months. We all can believe that they are here to help us and guide us. That's how I feel and visualize the event that is coming..

Be safe and be careful... and don't be afraid to tell your stories..

Monday, February 13, 2012

Little about me

Just before I was going to sleep in my room at my parents home, I saw a red eyed creature standing in the doorway of my room and he was around 3-4 feet tall. I never saw him again. I just passed it off as it was nothing and went to sleep. At least that's what I thought happened.....

Also, in the past few years I've been having flashbacks of my childhood. In one particular flashback, I was seeing little UFO's flying all around outside of my window at my parents home in NJ. Keep in mind that at that time in which I was around 7-8 UFO's, Aliens were not talked about nor was on mainstream TV at that time. SO I cannot imagine where I got this information from...Another one was that I was outside with friends of mine from the neighborhood and we were all in the backyard waiting for something. But it was at night, and we were all in our PJ's....

Many of these flashbacks/dreams have come to me now later in life... wonder why this is all so important at this time?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Time, New Year. 2012 is here

Happy New Years Everyone!

As this year is just starting, many sightings have occurred in the last month and also the first of this new year. Lately, I have been thinking about all the events in 2011 that happened and it's concerning! The floods in China, earthquakes all over the world and some birds died. What is going to happen next? If you have not known about the bunker that the government is building in Denver, CO under the airport.. please google it.

I am not one to share other people's UFO videos, but I had to share this one.

If you are interested in seeing other videos that I have recorded, please click here and a recent one that I captured leaving a home. (it's not my best camera work, but then again ..it was 5am EST in the morning and I couldn't get it focused because it was moving so fast.)

After this sighting, I have seen these white electrical orbs that appear and vanish at will. These are what I call "the dimensional beings" or other life forms that can use their energy to power up as a orb.

My hopes are that the government will come clean with ET Disclosure.