Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Saturday.. Event of hysteria?

So we had a friend stay with us this past weekend, it was our tenant-Lisa from the coast. It was a great time on Friday, went shopping, hung out and went out to dinner and came home and went to bed at a normal time.  The next morning woke up and made coffee for everyone.  

The day went on as usual, we had breakfast and went on some more shopping episodes.  Since she is from the coast, she normally doesn't know about the places we visited.  Anyhow, around lunchtime we went to lunch and had a few beers and bar hopped to a few beer joints around here (Brewing companies)  

Around 4 pm, we came home and I immediately was tired and really didn't feel like doing anything else.  So I decided to stay home and Lisa and T went out for dinner.  They left, I was sitting here listening to some music on my computer and don't remember anything after that.  T came home with Lisa and I said to him (They came and I was shaking)  I don't remember any of this.  He brought home some chicken from KFC and he told me that he gave me some chicken and put me to bed.  The next day, it was around 8:30 and he woke up as he started coffee..   I woke up with a sore nose and my right cheek was sore, my nose feels like it was either broken or bruised. And I had a feeling/like a day dream that I was walking (I think I was walking) thru a corridor that appeared to be living, it was brown/tan and and moving it appeared.. I don't know, this one is a strange one...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

I hope that this year is full or happiness and love to all and peace and light!

The holidays were packed with family and friends all around, a visit to NYC and New Jersey to see family.  Around the first few weeks in December we decided to head North to visit my three sisters..  Cathy, Kim and Donna.  We stayed at a hotel like normal, and everyday was nice to see one of them.  After that ordeal we headed to NYC to visit Todd's brother Kyle.  

We arrived on Thursday morning early, well around 10am est.  Like always, we get to his apartment and park the car in the garage across the street for the next 4 days.  We walk around this amazing city in the chilly 20's.  Picked up breakfast at some neat spots along with lunch and dinner that day.  Every time I visit the city I feel lost and worried, but sometimes feel at home.  Strange as it sounds! 

Anyhow, by Friday afternoon I was sluggish and not feeling that great. We decided to have an early dinner that night and head home as it was going to snow that night.   As we got in from walking around and laying in bed, I felt sick and through-out the night until 3am was vomiting.  If you know me, I am never sick nor feel bad.  Apparently, I picked up a virus of some kind from either NJ or NYC and it kicked my butt.  We stayed in all day Saturday as I gave this virus or whatever it was to Todd too..  

Sunday morning:  Felt a little better and headed out back home on our 10 hr drive...

We arrived at our house around 4:30 pm EST and we left NYC at 6:30am.  

The next morning, I hear the sound I have not heard in a few weeks..  copters!
These are the ones that I see, they have no marks on them, all black and a strange pole sticking out the front.  

Anyhow.. let's make 2014 explode with Peace and light!