Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Event... Mark.... weirdness

Well, it's been since I posted something on this blog and it's near the holiday season.  Yesterday morning I woke up and noticed a weird yellow florescent coloring that was different spots on my t-shirt that I wore to bed and tried to make an understanding of what/where it came from..  In my normal Monday duties, I usually wash clothes and it didn't occur to me that it could have been anything et involved..  

Later that night (Monday night) I noticed a bruise with a puncture mark on my left arm and also that my left bottom tooth was killing me, really felt that I had work done from the dentist.  (In which I had a cleaning in August and I have no cavities) So no idea why this was acting up.. 

Today the bruising has gone most away in one day, and same with my mouth/teeth are not bothering me today.  Strange...

This could all happened  on Sunday night... Not sure..