Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This past weekend

Hello All, I hope everyone is enjoying the summer bash!  

So the latest thing to happen to me has been waking up on Monday morning with my right hand hurting below the thumb area and above the wrist.  At first I thought nothing of it because on Sunday we both biked around 29 miles around some trails around town..  

Then after further inspection, I noticed a square mark in the skin.  It's not completely square, but sure looks a square.  Now that today is Wednesday, it has faded a tad...but not the pain ( I can still feel the tenderness in that area)  

Again, I went back to trace my where could my hand had touched on my bike and looked for any odd mechanisms on the bike.. in which I found none.  

Also, since Monday I have not sleep well and today is now Wednesday...  previous of this I was sleeping like a champ...  I don't know.. I'm a tad bewildered about this one... Even worse it's hard for me to capture with my iPhone!  =(