Friday, July 12, 2013

Dreams again from my childhood and present

So last night I had a few dreams that we're very interesting and I am not sure how to take them as one sparked one dream and the second dream.

Dream 1: 
I was laying in my bed along with my partner and I heard a noise on the roof, I brushed it off as rain since it's been raining here for the last week.  Then it sounded like someone was running down the stairs and running into my bedroom, at that time I looked up and it was a large Ant/bee creature.  This actually scared me for the first time and began to yell and I was woken up by my partner.  

Dream 2:

This dream took me 10-20 years in the past and I was sitting in the kitchen playing with my dog Bandit and we were playing ball and all of a sudden, something dragged/pushed him into the kitchen and into one of the curves in the kitchen.  As I ran to him, I tried to wake him up and he was OUT cold.  I then heard/saw the front door open up and a light coming thru the door and that was it.. I woke up.  

As I woke up from this dream, I sat there at 3:30 am thinking of all this.  One thought was that our kitchen didn't have that curve near the cabinets and we didn't have an open floor plan.  So is made up to show me or tell me something that happened in my past??  Another thought to ponder, I have a alarm on every night at my house that has sensors, so how could this creature get down to my bedroom from the roof?   Another thought, at least I thought that I was no longer afraid of these beings.. apparently, there is a hidden thought/memory that scared me about this.  

Just when I thought that I was getting a handle on this..  it brings back more memories..