Friday, March 22, 2013

Interesting night!

Hi Friends!

Lately, I have been learning to really concentrate on many things to learn.  I have started meditating to try to figure out if someone is trying to reach out to me. In my minds thoughts, I have asked "whomever" is out there visiting or showing me in the skies..  "Who are you?"

Last night while watching TV and it was around 9:30 pm est I was watching Glee I looked up because I saw a flash and what it appeared to me was a bunch of small yellow bubbles/lights that made an appearance and quickly disappeared.  I thought to myself.. WOW.. something is trying to really get my attention!  At 10pm EST.. I turned off the TV and started to relax and try to sleep.  At one point, I kept asking who are you?  was that you that was trying to communicate with me?  At that immediate time, I felt something tickle my left side of my leg from the knee down.  It brought chills to me and I was not frightened at all..  

Then....  I had the same dream that I did about a week ago..  I was walking down Woodlane Road in Edgewater Park (Whew I grew up) and noticed some lights in the sky.  I started to run to Rickels (Which is a home improvement store) and ran inside scared..  I looked outside and noticed that the ship landed in the parking lot of PathMark and everyone around was watching.. I saw a cop that came up to the store and told him that I would go with him.. As I started running over there.. I wake up and it's 2:30 am EST.  Again, this is the same dream I had a week ago..  with the exception of me running over there with the cop...  

Reading all these little points of interests... Who is it?  I wish I knew..

Move love and light to my friends!  Star family and all!