Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blue Light/orb

 Wednesday morning... 7/9/14

I got up and been up since 4:15 am and couldn't sleep for some reason. So I got up, made coffee and went on our porch. As I am sitting here, asked in my mind if anything/anyone was out there. Strangely enough, across my backyard- one of the houses that was completely dark.. I started seeing this blue light dim... then blink... then move around the upstairs of the window... did this for about 10 minutes.. and no.. no video of it.. it stopped when my neighbor brought his dog out to pee.. but weird huh?

Wanted to post this before I forget.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All about me..

I normally don't share any information about me.. but here goes..  So my sightings started at a young age about 7-8 as I was in Edgewater Park,NJ and remembered one summer day in the summer when I was really hot.. and I was outside cutting the hedges and playing my rap music on my boom box (as they called it in that time period) and it wasn't really hot but a sunny day.. as I was jamming the music was repeating and going in and out and thats when I saw a ship of some kind and I didn't think anything of it.. but it hovered over me for about 10 minutes and really I just kept on cutting shrubbery and about 15 minutes later I heard jets flying over the house and for some reason, it didn't matter and I was in my garage and had no idea why I was in there..
Skip together 5 more years in my late teens or early teens ( I want to say in my age of 10 -15) was staying at my grand mom's house and remember going to bed and being in a dream floating out of the window....  later did I find out that it was no dream and that it was shown to me in a dream that it happened..

Later on as I got older in my mid 20's- early 30's I was a bit reckless and owned a restaurant with a business partner in DE and i was driving home one night in my car and fell asleep and something woke me up before hitting a barrier....

Go forward in my late 20's I meet Todd.. we leave DE and move in Chesapeake VA and nothing really happened in that 3 yr period and after that we moved to Northern VA (Near DC) and I felt strange things.. I could not close the door to the bedroom, could not go to the basement during the night.. and felt strange in the house after dark.. given these weird things.. I could not pinpoint why this was.. during our time here in NVA.. we went on some trips to the caribbean in which I had several photo's taken and as I look back today, there was orbs in most of these pics. .. Now.. I am not home so I cannot scan the pics at this time.. but I was amazed about that..

As we move on to NC when we moved here in 2001.. it was our first new big brick home and we were both proud of it... and of course I continued to look to the skies and if you follow my blog, you will see that they have too and I have included a bunch of videos.  One of my memorable visitations was from what I believe to be a mantis creature and it was around 8 ft tall with a glowing head and after that, I saw shadows many times.. now we have moved forward a few years and it's it 2012  I had the craziness dream about being with ET's and so on and I wake up and it's around 5 am and I remember making coffee and sitting on our porch feeling taken and confused.. as I look to the north straight ahead, I see a ball of light that appears to be a helicopter taking off ... and I thought to myself.. what the hell is it doing here.. it started to circulate and a light went off in my head that it was  a ufo.. I ran inside the house and grabbed my camera and started taping and this is what i got ..
This bugger already excelled about 100 ft or more and started taking off to the West and I couldn't believe it..  Later I remembered little things.. being taking thru the wall, marks on my hip and cheeks and legs.. and more..

Let's skip forward to recent.. this is really private for me.. and hard to type up.. so please be gentle with your comments.. the other night as I am at the coast ( we have a home in Raleigh and one at Atlantic Beach, NC) and I have seen several ships here.. anyway.. around 3 am on Tuesday I was woken up and feeling very calm and settled and there was a sense of calmness around me .. something was tapping on my foot in the bed and I tried to turn over ( as I was on my stomach) and after that it was 7 am and don't remember anything after that.. so I get up like normal to go to the bathroom and it really hurt to pee... this was a first and I had 3 marks on my inner leg that was not there before. so I have no idea..  today is Wed and the day before Hurricane Arthur.. i have no idea what if going on tonight.. but I am waiting......... peach love and light to you all..