Monday, March 28, 2011

Dreams and "The Praymantis"

So about two weeks ago I was going to the grocery store and noticed this circle in the sky, so I took a picture of it with my iPhone and didn't notice the black thing that made it was still there. I boxed it off so that you can see it better.


Now to move on with some more dreams that I have been having since my return back from my cruise to the caribbean. The first one started with a bunch of bad events within my dream. Hurricanes, earthquake and many natural disaster. I also saw a huge wave coming across an island or land, then all of a sudden a tall pray-mantis with glowing yellow-orange eyes appeared at my bedside. At first I was scared and asked it to go away... then the next time I had a few more bad dreams and "he" and a friend appeared this time. I listened this time and they said that more destruction was coming and they placed these thoughts in my mind to prove that they exist and they are here watching as mankind does this. Then I woke up.. Man! I was drenched with sweat...

Then again I saw them one more time and it was not here at the house, like in other dreams that I had. I was back at my old parents home in New Jersey and I was younger and I was playing with a friend of mine. (Keep in mind that me as an adult was watching me as a kid playing) and I was with the mantis and they were watching me. Almost like guarding angel kind of thing... seems like this dream lasted 5 hours... then I woke up and it was 3:47am est...

Last night 3-27-11 was a little different and I was shown different caves. I couldn't explain this one really. I would go into one cave and it was for everyone that survived. I saw where everywhere was surrounded by water and we were somewhere in some caves. There was a name that they were called and I cannot think of it as of now.. Now I wish that I wrote it down so that I could speak of it here..